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Halo is an AI-driven marketing platform tailored specifically for the real estate industry, offering tools that transform how real estate professionals market their properties.
Halo is an AI-driven marketing platform reshaping real estate with tools that transform property marketing.
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Build eye-catching property landing pages
Enhance and transform images
Effortlessly create and share social media posts
Create property videos from static images
Create one page property PDFs
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1. Input your Space Information:

Simply enter details about your space and let Halo’s AI do the rest.

2. Generate your Landing Pages:

Watch Halo’s AI-powered tool to craft compelling property descriptions and appealing landing pages.

3. Instantly Share with your Network:

Easily distribute your newly created landing pages across your network, from direct emails to other channels.
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1. Upload your Property Photos:

Start by uploading your property visuals to Halo to get your content ready for enhancement.

2. Choose Your Enhancements and Apply AI Magic:

Select from a variety of AI-driven options: virtual staging, image upscaling, virtual renovation and color correction.

3. Finalize and Use Your Enhanced Visuals:

Review the AI-produced content and make any final tweaks, then use them in your marketing.
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1. Upload your static images:

Start by uploading the static images of your property. Our platform supports a variety of formats, making it simple to begin the transformation process.

2. Choose image order and enhancements:

Arrange the sequence of your images and select from an array of AI enhancements to create a seamless and engaging narrative of your space.

3. Finalize and Export Your walkthrough video:

With just a few clicks, export a dynamic, high-quality video tour that showcases your property in its best light, ready to captivate potential clients.
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1. Upload Your Content :

Choose your property information, upload your images, brand logo and headshot.

2. Choose Your template:

Select a social media template and customize colors, format and copy.

3. Export To Social Media:

Share completed posts to social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Why Halo?

We know that in today’s fiercely competitive real estate market, standing out and capturing attention is more challenging (and costly) than ever. Brokers and agencies often struggle with creating engaging content, time-consuming marketing processes, and effectively reaching the right audience.

In today's ultra-competitive real estate landscape, grabbing attention is tougher and pricier than ever. Halo let's real estate professionals:

Save money and stop spending thousands of dollars on architects or agencies
Save time and stop waiting days or weeks to receive your marketing collateral
Generate more demand with stunning collateral to capture eyeballs and close deals
Perfect for solo agents
Perfect for solo agents
Automated sales compliance
Access to existing features
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Residential Professional Package
Designed specifically for the unique demands of residential real estate marketing, this package empowers you with state-of-the-art AI tools.
Unlimited Marketing Material Creation for Residential properties
Residential Photo Enhancements and transformations
Up to 1 AI-Produced Videos per month
AI-Generated Property Descriptions and Copy
Custom Color Scheme and White Label Branding
Seamless Social Media Sharing
1 license per user
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Commercial Real Estate Professionals
Save time, and money. Our tailored solutions are designed to meet the challenges of marketing commercial properties. Talk with us today!
Custom Pricing
Bespoke Marketing Material Creation (property brochures, one pagers etc.)
Audience targeting package
Custom Copy and Content Production
Advanced Analytics and Insights
Dedicated Account Management
Additional Custom Services